The identification of the Hardy Boys books is done with the help of Tony Carpentiari's great book - "Hardy to Hardy Investigations" - 4th. edition (ISBN 1-891388-03-7 $61.95). It is the bible as far as I'm concerned when it come to the Hardy Boys series. If you would like a copy, you can go to
The edition information, such as 1937C-15 means that the book was printed in 1937, it was the 3rd printing of the year (C) and the 15th printing overall. Be careful not to confuse the COPYRIGHT date with the PRINTING date. The Copyright date refers to the copyright of the text. The printing date was when the book was printed. A book can have a copyright of 1927 and be printed in 1958!
Basically, the books can be divided into 5 categories (with hundreds of variations in between). I list them from older (and more valuable) to newest:
    Tweed cover with "Wrap" spine (picture wraps around the spine of the dust jacket).
Again, this is very crude - but it works.

Buying and Selling:

I am primarily a collector, but I do have duplicates from time to time. If you have some good quality books, especially books with good dust jackets, I may be interested purchasing. Sorry, I'm not really looking for the blue picture cover (P.C.) Hardy Boys books.
There are numerous sources for buying and selling books, but my favorite is EBay. It's pretty simple if you are at all computer capable. They are at

About Me:

I have been an avid reader all my life and a Hardy Boys fan for almost 30 years. I began collecting a few years ago as a hobby. I began with the Hardy Boys and have branched out into "Boys Hard-cover Series books. I live with my wife (Jan) and two boys in Raleigh, NC. I hope you enjoy the Hardy Boys as much as I do.


I am by no means the greatest expert on the Hardy Boys, but would be happy to answer questions to the best of my ability. However, I will not do book reports for you - read and enjoy the books. The answers are there to find.
If you do have questions about specific books, please include the following information:
    Dust jacket -  yes or no and general condition
    Book cover color and condition
    Copyright date
    Color of endpapers (inside of book cover - orange, blank, black & white, brown...)
    Lists to ... "title of last book on dustjacket or inside book"

My E-Mail address is:

I'll try to respond as best I can, but remember, this is only a hobby for me!